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Vibrant Senses Art Gallery


We have a selection of art on display throughout the shop from our resident artist Cathy Whittall.  Including oils, watercolours and limited edition high quality giclée prints.


Cathy is a Freelance Digital Illustrator and Portrait Artist.


Vibrant Senses in Market Harborough sells a range of Cocoa Amore chocolates and also hosts the Cocoa Amore truffle making workshops.


Truffle Making Workshop


Our Truffle workshops are designed for individuals and party groups.   Ideally suited to Hen parties and corporate team building events.    The workshops start with a talk on the origin and history of cacao, followed by the tasting of single origin chocolates from various points along the cacao equator belt.  We then equip you with aprons and gloves and you get to make your own truffles to take home.  The evening is finished off with a free Cocoa Amore chocolate from our shop display.


Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours.  Group Size: 6 – 20 Price: £20.00 per person.  Refreshments provided



Cocoa Amore ... An immersive chocolate experience


Cocoa Amore is an award winning Artisan Chocolatier that provides an immersive and exciting chocolate experience.  Producing  exquisite handmade chocolates and running chocolate making workshops, they attract a loyal public and corporate following from across the UK.


Cocoa Amore chocolates are made from the finest Colombian cacao, described by the International Cocoa Organisation as the finest cacao in the world.  These fine ingredients are then made into the fabulous chocolate selection at the  Leicester Cocoa Amore shop.


Cocoa Amore

Peppermint Grove


Pretty candles and reed diffusers handmade in New South Wales, Australia.   Each fragrance has been carefully created to encapsulate a unique part of the Australian landscape.


This luxurious collection of candles and reed diffusers  are hand poured in highly polished custom-designed vessels that are unique to Peppermint Grove.


Containing only the highest quality ingredients,  sourced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, to produce a collection that is sophisticated, timeless and purely Australian made.




Peppermint Grove

Rathbornes 1488


Founded in Dublin in 1488, Rathbornes is the world's oldest candle company. Across 500 years Rathbornes candles have illuminated the streets, homes, lighthouses and churches of Ireland, and the candles that they produce today are still hand-crafted with many of the same skilled methods used since the fifteenth century.  They now produce a collection of scented candles and reed diffusers of the finest quality.

Shop Rathbornes

Charles Farris


By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, this historic London Company is the ultimate candle maker. Using 170 years of experience, Charles Farris has now created a range of seven premium candles and reed diffusers, specifically for use at home. Working with master blenders to create unique and beautiful scents, the candles have been crafted using traditional techniques, the highest quality ingredients and are encased in artisan hand-finished glass. .


Charles Farris

Noble Isle ... Fragrance to trigger memories


A quintessentially British brand that has combined finest fragrance and natural extracts to design a luxurious collection of unisex bath, body and home fragrance to enhance mood, trigger memories and create a sense of place.  The collection includes bestsellers Rhubarb Rhubarb! Summer Rising, Fireside, Willow Song and Whisky & Water.


Cruelty free, free from parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in 100% recyclable packaging.


Noble Isle

Neom .... Scent to make you feel good


True therapeutic benefits to relieve stress, calm and relax, aid sleep, boost your energy or lift your mood.


100% natural fragrances for the mind & body, made in Britain from ethically sourced, sustainable origins, only natural and organic ingredients, no petrochemical paraffin or mineral wax, no artificial perfume, only pure essential oils and no harsh preservatives.



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